The act of pull out while banging and pissing in the mouth of your partner, could be during anal sex of bloody period sex.
"Wow Carrie and I fucked so hard last night she was real thirsty so I gave her a dirty drinking fountain"
by Toby Pound Town February 13, 2016
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while in the heat of passion you flip your lover upside down and begin to piss in her pussy and subsequently drink from it like a cat
i have such a bad taste in my mouth because me and my girlfriend tried the mongolian drinking fountain
by tbunce May 6, 2008
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When someone shits on anothers chest while pissing in their mouth
Dude, I totaly gave her a german drinking fountain yester day
by JusticeDotCom June 9, 2010
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A soft drink that you usually get from fast food places. It is a combanation of chemicals that make it taste fresher.
"Damn, I left my fountain drink out for so long that all the ice has melted"
by Wade666 April 7, 2008
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when a sexual partner is giving deep oral satisfaction, you pee in their mouth so that it shoots out their nose
I gave my woman a fountain drink in bed last night, and her nose still hurts today.
by chilidawg June 23, 2006
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raising a drink above your eyes and then opening your mouth and pouring the drink into your mouth.

drinking from a friend's bottle water or can without putting it to your lips. Giving them the curtsy of not giving them your germs but accepting theirs.
Person (1) hey can drink some of your bottled water ? Person (2) no way man ! I don't want your germs all over it. Person (1) it's ok I will water fountain drink.
by Manwell7979 March 28, 2013
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