1. Synonym of 'Ridiculous'.
2. Extremely ridiculous.

Word coined by 'Loveline' radio show host Adam Carolla after show producers recieved complaints that he was using the word "Dick" on the air. Producers suggested he use the word "Cock" instead. Carolla, mockingly concerned about overemphasizing the "dic" syllable in ridiculous, began saying "Recockulous" instead.
The idea of Dr. Drew Pinsky entering the World's Strongest Man competition is recockulous.
by Blatantly Asinine July 15, 2003
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adj.-So insanely crazy it surpasses the normal rediculous levels.
1. That girl's ass is so big it's recockulous!
2. It's recockulous how many marmalade sammiches Paddington Bear can eat.
by chuNk July 18, 2003
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A variation of the word "ridiculous," with the emphasis on the syllable making the "COCK" sound, meaning anything that is extremely stupid; ridiculous to the point of absurdity.
1. Did you see Vice President Dick Cheney sleeping through the official briefing about the California fires? That was absolutely reCOCKulous!
by Marcus Solomon November 2, 2007
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Synonym for ridiculous. Dick and Cock are interchangeable.
Working 4 jobs is so crazy it's recockulous
by Summer Knight February 17, 2009
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I have to be to work at 6:00 a.m. tommorow. That shit is recockulous.
by James Dannelly May 7, 2003
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like rediculous except you replace the dick with a cock.
by Whoosh Bangkok February 9, 2009
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damn those kankles are so big...it's recockulous !!!
by johnny1nil September 10, 2006
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