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Getting killled by Duo from Duolingo for not finishing your spanish lessons
Oops...you haven't done your Duolingo lessons, hope you get Duolingo'd
by MansNotSexuallyFeverish(Hot) August 21, 2020
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Dylans are very special. They come in different forms. The Dylan I know is very smart and is one of the greatest man I have ever met. I might even name my adopted son Dylan. Dylan has a potential to make friends easily. But if he looks like he hates you by swearing at you, he's actually just trying his best to be your friend. Even if you feel betrayed because he did something bad to you, he's just joking.
If you ever see a Dylan, please be friends with him because he also can help with you problems.
"He'll forgive you. He's a Dylan after all..."
by MansNotSexuallyFeverish(Hot) August 22, 2020
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A girl who treats her grandpa not well
You see that girl, she's such a Melody. Don't be like her.
by MansNotSexuallyFeverish(Hot) August 22, 2020
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Killing yourself
1)Go commit cease vital organs nescecarry for the prolonging of one's physical being
2)Go commit toaster bath
3)Go commit neck rope
4)Go commit gas chamber
5)Go commit funeral
6)Go commit 8th element of periodic table don't enter you body
7)Go commit aliven't
8)Go commit sub to t-series
9)Go commit say stfu to your teacher
10)Go commit cha cha real smooth into a shark's mouth
11)Go commit get titaniced
12)Go commit AK-47 close range shot at you
13)Go commit play Happy Wheels in real life
14)Go commit voodoo doll
15)Go commit dance along with CoCoMelon
16)Go commit Karen
17)Go commit join ceiling gang and get trashed by PewDiePie
18)Go commit heart stop beating
19)Go commit windpipe broken
20)Go commit time machine faulty
Person 1: Hey member of the homo sapien species, would you be kind enough to take a 3D motionary video production of me commiting sewerside or in other words, passing away.

Person 2: Yeah sure, I, at this instance, will be placing my electronic device into my hand and start the recording of you ending your life. I shall add dark mode to your video

Person 1: *ends life

Person 2: K lmao
by MansNotSexuallyFeverish(Hot) September 04, 2020
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-aint as bad as u think
-some have beautiful hearts
-made hip-hop (the music genre we all like)
African-American 1: sup n*gga lookit u want some (insert substance).
African-American 2: hell to the naw- hey imma tell u I ain't trippin' no more on this shit.
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Process of when a girl does funeral on you because you said Blackpink sucks.
Oops, you just made her angry! Looks like you will get Belvedere'd by her very soon :)
by MansNotSexuallyFeverish(Hot) August 21, 2020
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