another name for slut but your mom doesnt know what it means.
"Moms a straight thotty"
by Mrs. Hemmings-Styles November 5, 2017
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Lara Brown’s bitmoji looks hella Thotty
by Humdogg February 11, 2018
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A girl that thinks she is hot, but in all honesty, she is just That Ho Over There.
There are a lot of Thottie on Facebook.
by Saharrah Naimah April 8, 2015
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Thotties are promiscuous females, sluts.
Often like to participate in drinking and doing drugs. Most "Thotties" are often times young single mothers who live with their parents. They are typically someones "plaything" and are tooted and booted very quickly. Most men will not marry this type of female but will however spend a couple days partying with such and then move on. As a result a "Thottie" will end up single again, looking for another dude to get "Turnup" with, or they will end up with a baby.
Term made popular by the sensation from Chicago known as Chief Keef.
I ain't even playin tho

i make bitches fly like peter pan tho
That's why i just ask you
You's a alcoholic I ain't got no time for you
Is you off the molly if i book your flight is you gonna top me
Okay you got me
I don't love no thotties
-Chief Keef "Love No Thotties"
by GoalDigger September 20, 2013
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Prominicous female, otherwise known as a slut, whore, or ho-bag. A female who very much enjoys sex.
Amanda is such a thottie, I caught her with Julia's daddy.
by DatGirl April 27, 2014
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Thottie is a derivative of the word thot. Unlike a thot a thottie is cute, but won't ever admit she's a thot. When you want to exaggerate the word thottie you drop the "ie" and instead use a "y", when typed as thotty the first y is usually followed by multiple "y"'s, for ex: "You're such a thottyyyyy.,.". Thotties love to toy with emotions much like their cousin the common thot. Thotties are much more loyal than a thot, but still fall victim to entertaining multiple niggas.
Names of Thotties :
Kai - "Bro this girl is supa fine"
Noah - "She acts like a thottie though"
Kai - "It's aight though, because she's loyal"
Noah - "True, but only if she drops all them niggas"
Kai - "You just mad because she won't date you"
Noah - "I don't want no lil thottie anyways"
by NKGucci April 10, 2018
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