26 definitions by Mandi

1. Used to tell someone not to jack them around or lie to them and/or make excuses.
2. In reference to a "drug" in question that someone has led someone else to believe gets you really high but the user knows from experience that it doesn't.
1. Don't even trip foo. I saw yo ass yesterday fuckin around wit my hoes.
2. What the fuck do you sniff sharpies fo? That shit don't even trip!
by Mandi November 28, 2003
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two females or males giving the same male a blow job
I got double head from Anne and John last night.
by Mandi December 05, 2003
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People who have snow on their boards or skiis while they are on a lift and "Accidently" drop it on a snowboarder down below!
boarder that got hit with snow: "You f*ckin douche bag! "
by Mandi January 27, 2004
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When a gay guy sticks his penis into a chain fence and the other gay guy sucks his cock
by Mandi December 01, 2003
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A phrase that either a stoner or extremely stupid and/or confused person will use to describe their confusion at something that...confuses them.
Dude, this math test fries me out.
by Mandi November 28, 2003
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