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1. Used to tell someone not to jack them around or lie to them and/or make excuses.
2. In reference to a "drug" in question that someone has led someone else to believe gets you really high but the user knows from experience that it doesn't.
1. Don't even trip foo. I saw yo ass yesterday fuckin around wit my hoes.
2. What the fuck do you sniff sharpies fo? That shit don't even trip!
by mandi November 28, 2003
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the greatest actor in the world and who i idolize. can say pretty much anything and make it funny!! great facial expressions and truley a comic genius! best known for skits on SNL. SNL hasnt been the same since he*s left. Also has played in A Night at the Roxburry, The Ladies Man, Zoolander, Elf, Old School, Anchorman, and will be starring in the new film *Be-Witched*, as well as many others.
Will Ferrel is an amazing actor; not only is he ridiculously funny, he*s just fun to watch!
by mandi January 5, 2005
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a man/woman that is sexualy attracted by fucking people up the ass

asses sexualy attracted by fuckin themselves!!!

"i am assexual i like to fuck little kids up the ass expecially when they are sleeping"!!!!
by mandi June 17, 2004
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An excuse once a year in sweet home Winfield, Kansas when everyone gets really really drunk, wet, cold, and sick and has a great time sleeping on the ground
I can't; I am going to Bluegrass!
by mandi September 24, 2003
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A person who is associated with the industrial music scene.
Rivetheads are familiar with the name Gary Numan
by mandi November 28, 2003
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A slightly halucinagic substance (aka the stickey ickey ickey) green, and sometimes red or purpleish if it's good, in color. It gives a euphoric feeling and sometimes makes you wanna fuck. Other names are Marijuana, Mary Jane, the funk, bud...and the list goes on and on for us pot heads.
Hey man...know where to get any good boodah?
by mandi January 15, 2004
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