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A god among men. He can finesse, freeze, finagle (the three f's) and ride your bitch before you could even think of hiding your bitch. He is the Santa Clause of Thanksgiving, serving all the naughty hoes top shelf gravy while leaving you the leftovers. While you may consider the coldest place on Earth the caps, this is not true, as this fucking rad lads wrists are known to "make a grown man shiver" as quoted from a rap verse from his as of writing, latest rap "Magic". Even if you thought you hid your hoes well, be it flex season, he is capable of sensing bitches within a 20 mile radius. Hiding them to that point will be futile as he will be inside your dining room by then, helping himself to all the dark meat on the turkey dinner while talking both your mother and your dentist into the deli isle at the nearest super mart. If your girl is home too, it's no use resisting. He will be sitting her down at the table too while keeping you at the kiddie table with your little brother. He is your worst enemy. He is your Dad. But most of all, he is - Yung Gravy.
Dude 1: "Have you heard of Yung Gravy?"
Dude 2: "Yes I know him, he stole my girl *and* my dentist, then made a rap about it!"
Dude 1: "Same here man."
Dude 3 (from a distance): "That guy? He's my fucking Dad. His beat's fire though."
by SteelBotV: 4 April 20, 2019
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the greatest fucken person ever born he was blessed by all the gods and will ride your mom.
I wish I was yung gravy
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by saints lyfe April 29, 2020
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One of the greatest meme rappers of all time. Known for his hits “Mr. Clean” and “One Thot Two Thot Blue Thot”. He has completed two North American tours and is going on a tour in North America in February 2019. He says that he is releasing is debut album in 2019. Yung Gravy’s nicknames include: Lil Steamer, Mr. Clean, and Yung Steve Harvey.
Yung Gravy is my dad.
by myleg! December 07, 2018
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A rapper that will fuck your girlfriend and your mom before you can finish saying Yung Gravy.
Dude keep an eye on your girl I heard Yung Gravy was in town
by Imbazzio September 28, 2020
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Rapper who created popular songs such as "Mr. Clean" "1 thot 2 thot red thot blue thot."
person: Hey man who is your favorite rapper? person 2: Its gotta be Yung Gravy.
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by duccsucc October 05, 2018
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Lucy’s boyfriend, husband, and bff. Writes sick raps. In love with Lucy.
“Wow did you see Lucy’s boyfriend?”
“Oh you mean Yung Gravy? He’s whipped now RIP the legend. He loves her so much.”
by Mrs. Gravy April 23, 2021
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