Checkered shirts made out of flannelette, usually worn until old and ragged with jeans or khakis. Worn by working class people like builders, construction workers etc.
by mx October 2, 2003
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Used to describe a person who is so incredibly drunk that they end up falling asleep in a wide variety of places. Places can be, but are not limited to, couches, dryers, suitcases, hotel floors, people, doorways, and small crevices between beds and walls.
Yo, you were so flannied last night that before you passed out you screamed you were the pussy demolisher
by Nan777 August 22, 2015
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plural = Flannies

Flanny is slang for a button-up, long sleeve flannelette shirt. The use of this term is common in Australia.

Back in the day, 'Flannies' were generally worn by poorer people (commonly refered to as bums), but have recently become fasionable within youth today (especially skaters).
Nick: duddeee check out this fresh new flanny i bought from burkes.
Damian: yeee man thats dope, im gonna get me one! yewyew!
by xaxrelicx February 26, 2008
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The flat piece of stomach above the vagina.The Flannis doesnt have to be flat u can have round Flannis a buldging Flannis or even a obese Flannis.
"core that girls got a nice Flannis"

"omg look at that buldging Flannis"

"man look at that Flannis its obese"

"o i do like a nice flat tanned Flannis"
by Dragon013 June 21, 2006
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Bugger me sideways, me ciggers cost more than the flannie I tuck them into!
by ysambart September 3, 2008
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Flanny means beautiful, cute and kind.
Omg, Bob is such a Flanny Friend! Shes such a Flannysaurus and I love her Flanny. I love Flannylife!
by Unicorn flan February 17, 2022
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A closet homosexual, spawn of Yves (pronounced ya-ves) and Sue, who has a propensity to have man-crushes on other male friends (see: Casey Gobble Gobble No Neck, Paul Cross)
John: "Who is that dude getting pounded up the arse by Casey Gobble Gobble No Neck"
Jack: "Oh, that's just Flanny assuming the catcher role yet again"
by the corkster January 20, 2013
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