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A misspelling of video; widely used in YouTube channels where little kids (ages 8-12) post childish comments. Vedio is a favourite word of young 'tubers trying to provide positive feedback but end up sounding like an illiterate high school failure. Nobody told these kids that it's I before E except after C.
StarGlitter-ArianaGrande41: Omg Thanks So Much For This Vedio!!!!!11!!!1! First commet!!!!!!1111!

XboxLoverCOD420blazeiiT13: Fuck U H4t3r5 l0v3 th15 v3d10
(Translation: Fuck you haters. Love this video.)

dogsparkle4112: Love this funny vedio smosh your awsom 3rd veiw 97th lick

minecr4ft_lego69: good vedio sky i love you're vedios
by Unhexoctium December 13, 2014
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In India,the recording, reproducing, or broadcasting of moving visual images is known as Vedio.
9 year old:Have you watched "Bitch lasagna" by Pewdiepie.
Typical Indian:Bad Vedio bhai!It hurted my feelings!
by Addy210 September 23, 2019
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