Referring to multiple anuses, typically used as in the place of asses
Bro 1: How much ani have you been getting lately?
Bro 2: Plenty.
by penis in the anoos October 09, 2011
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Plural form of the word 'Anus'
"we shall all enjoy the ANI with our DILDAIC toys."
by Handy Jesus May 03, 2005
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The grouping word for Anus.

for example a pride of lions etc.

As i look around me today, i see nothing but a pack of Ani
by Raistlin_ May 08, 2007
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The name of a girl who is very beautiful and cute. She is nice and sweet person. She also caring about who she love. Moreover, she is cheerful. Always do jokes and make his friends laugh. She also smart. She is perfect girl in cuteness and have a kind heart in love. Many boys has crush on her.
boy 1: i think i fall in love with anis

boy 2 : ouhh .. she is pretty

boy 1: herm yeah
by crush๐Ÿ˜˜ December 27, 2016
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