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Staten Island Douchebag - AKA - SIDB
The definition of the large majority of young men and women from 16-30 years who live repetative, shallow lives that make up Staten Island.
SIDB's usually consist of dudes who:
- Get their nails and eyebrows done.
- Go to tanning salons.
- Drive their dad's expensive car.
- Have some kind of rediculously spikey hair style or a "fauxhawk"
- Wear tight jeans, pop their stupid collars up and love fist pumping in a bar or club.
- Take steriods and love cocaine.
- Very wiggerish.
- Enjoy freestyle and hip-hop music.
- In the gym they take up machines because they are more busy looking at their muscles, tanlines and talking on their cell phones.
- Were probably the most popular in high school so they live off that reputation till they are 25 and most likely will never amount to anything unless they are handed a job by a successful relative.
- Usually are loud mouthed 3rd or 4th generation Italian-Americans who know a friend, who knows a guy, who's uncle is connected, therefore they believe they are connected.
- Would never fight you unless 10 or 15 of his "boys" are around and you're by yourself.
- Probably are, were or want to pose for the FDNY calendar.
- Good chance fucked one of his male friends.
- Are the main reason the people at the Jersey Shore hate New Yorkers.

SIDB usually consist of girls who:
- Have orange face.
- Have the brightest teeth you ever seen.
- Put their hair in that stupid poof thing like paris hilton or gwen stefani.
- Are too good to drink beer.
- Usually are in credit card debt.
- Got fake tits or german automobile on her sweet sixteen causing her parents to go into credit card debt.
- Usually her family moved from Brooklyn, into a condo or house with a 3 foot backyard.
- Works in a tanning salon or as a hairdresser, waitress or bartender because they went to Staten Island Community College or St.Johns Staten Island Campus for 1 semester and have no qualifications.
- Enjoy double parking and parking in firezones and handicap spots, then argue with cops when they get caught.
- Generally are spoiled rotten.
- Very cunty.
- Only reading they do is celebrity gossip magazines.
- Generally have filthy mouths but surprisingly they wont give head.
Guy #1 "Hey is that bar gonna be filled with Staten ISland Douchebags?"
Guy #2 "Yes"
Guy #1 "I'm not going then"
by M2million December 06, 2006
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1. Mostly know for playing the character of Kramer in the hit show Seinfeld.
2. Most recently in 2006 was caught on tape with one of the most racist/funniest rants ever caught on tape.
Micheal Richards : He's a nigger!
He's a nigger!
A nigger!
Look there's a nigger!
by M2million December 07, 2006
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A woman who, while fooling around doesnt know how to handle a penis properly, and will yank and tug on the penis instead of stroking it nicely.
Guy #1: So did you get anywhere last night with Sara?
Guy #2: Just fooled around. But she's a tugger. She nearly tore have my pubes out. It really hurt.
by M2million December 08, 2006
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The name of song, sang in the fake GI JOE PSA mostly refered as the bus rida.

check it out on youtube.
Girl : Tony? You think i could have some more? BUUUUUURRRRRRPPP!
Boy : Yeah. We should totally hit it again, but I got first dibs on it.
Jamacian Dude : Jamacia mon fus mi naily ded wit laugh,
a watching di people rush di door like a harbour shark,
So Come!
Everyone : Fun time di yah, a time fi di bus rida,
sunshine di yah a time fi di bus rida,
sunshine di yah a time fi di bus rida,
Fun time di yah, a time fi di bus rida,

by M2million December 07, 2006
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New York City Fireman who doesnt do nothing except, come to work, read the paper, eat meals he didn't help prepare, shit , sleep, wake up and then go home. Usually a fat slob who complains about everything, everybody else is doing. Not realiable when it comes to performing at a fire. Probably is hiding somewhere while everyone else is breaking their ass. And never works on holidays.
GUY #1 : Man, that Charlie is one hell of a hairbag.
GUY #2 : Yeah, we should put him in the bucket and drop him.
by M2million December 07, 2006
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Some guy who is an Italian-American who has a very spic-like moustache. He crashed at my summer rental quite often in 2006 and banged all the chicks. Sometimes refered to as Jose Valentine because he looks like that New York Mets player.
Moustache Man is better than everyone else. Once offered me 5 bucks at 4am for 3 beers from the refridgerator.
Guy #1: "The motherfuckin Moustache Man is fucking my girlfriend again."
Guy #2: "What are you going to do about it"
Guy #1: "Nothing. He's a better man than me"
by M2million December 08, 2006
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the act of puking your brains out after drinking heavily, then come back and start drinking all over again with a empty stomach.
Its best to yack and come back if:
-your drinking all day,
-then go to a chinese buffet.
this is what should follow that:
-then go to the parking lot,
-stick your fingers down your throat
-then go back inside and eat and drink again
by M2million December 08, 2006
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