A smart and sweet girl, who is always there to help. A girl who give you the best and incredible advice. Someone who will acknowledge you and always do what's best. Adores bananas and is very creative in art.
by CVGRawwkSoHard June 12, 2015
Naili is a giraffe. She wants sprite cranberries and she’s already tracer. She also likes nutz. Hit or miss?
Naili is tracer
by Nani on crack December 15, 2018
Naili is tracer
Naili is already tracer
by Nani on crack December 15, 2018
naili is apart of the most popular group called bhs who likes to bully adri (another member of the group) for no reason at all but is highly known for being the most funniest person there.
man it’s a shame that naili is being so mean to adri for no reason at all
by Nani on crack March 16, 2021
Naili ; the most amazing girl in the world. This girl boi she is a head turner one look at her and you’ll be saying “damn girl”

Naili is so sweet, beautiful, heart melting, sarcastic at time, kind, loving, caring for others. She might not be popular but once her name comes up in a crowed everyone know how she is. She’s amazing. If you have a Naili in your life don’t let her go. She will hold you tight forever you just need to treat her right. She will care for you. She might go from I love you to i wanna leave this world but all she needs is to be reminded of how much of an amazing person she is. She may have a heart made of pure love but it will be damaged by others. All you need to do is fix it the best you can. She might find it hard to hand her heart to you for good but just wait Because she will give you that amazing caring heart of hers.
Naili is my dream
by nailiyourdream November 23, 2021
A girl who is loyal and good kisser she is also hot and she can get all the boys she want that don't mean she is a h*e but she loves the good life and she is super proud of her self nailys
Nailys is a great kisser

She is hot
She is not a h*e
by By Jessy perdomo November 28, 2018
Nailys is a very hot girl she is honest, loyal, doesn't lie about stuff, super annoying, she loves music, she is the best kisser, nailys is a gasta girl
by By Jessy perdomo November 28, 2018