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A mocking nickname for Dave Rubin, a snowflake puppet for far right wing corporations who once claimed he was liberal.
So should we talk about Rave Dubin and how he got upset over the criticisms we made about him?
by Lynch/Fellini September 28, 2020

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A mocking nickname for Brett Keane's wife, Dawn. It's derived from Brett Keane's unusual speech pattern, as he is seemingly unable to properly pronounce words that have "aw" sounds and instead pronounces them as "or".
Dorn get me some mac n' cheese
by Lynch/Fellini November 04, 2020

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A rabid Christopher Nolan fan who is unable to listen to genuine criticisms of his work or comprehend that there are people who dislike his work. Rabid Nolanites will often respond to dissenting opinions with threats of violence. The most famous example of this is when a group of Nolanites sent death threats to the film critics Christie Lemire and Marshall Fine for their negative reviews of The Dark Knight Rises.
Critic: Memento was an empty void without anything of value to say.
Fan: Get your head examined because something is wrong with you. Nolan is above you!
Critic: Wow! What a Nolanite!
by Lynch/Fellini September 28, 2020

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A nickname for known internet scam artist and content creator Brett Keane. It comes from the fact that he is a fat layabout who spends most of his day lying on his stomach and frequently shoots his videos in black and white, resulting in him looking just like a manatee.
Looks like The Manatee is a Christian again!
by Lynch/Fellini September 28, 2020

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