11 definitions by LukeNelson69

A gordo is a really long penis. 13+ inch is a gordo. Calling someone a gordo is a compliment, unless they are a girl. In which case, you are saying they have very long nipples.
Damn Luke, that's one big gordo you got there!
by LukeNelson69 January 4, 2020
Wide eye kid! His eyes are wide as fuck! He's not asian but he looks like it!
Hey, you see Charles? He's a W.E.K.
by LukeNelson69 January 3, 2020
A pueef is like a quuef, except, it is from the penis. It sounds like a car with rusty brakes.
Manny just pueefed on me!
by LukeNelson69 January 4, 2020
Calling someone a silly moose means that they are acting silly and acting like a dickhead at the same time.
by LukeNelson69 January 4, 2020
An oreo is someone who is black but acts white. They have a white soul but a black body. Can be a complimant or an insult.
Roman is an oreo because he acts white.
by LukeNelson69 January 4, 2020
Someone who accepts Greggy as their God and savior.
Heil Greggy. I am a Gregorian.
by LukeNelson69 August 29, 2020
What white kids say so they won't get in trouble.
Holy cow, that was totally sick man!
by LukeNelson69 January 4, 2020