192 definitions by Luke

Exceptionally awesome; chill.
Dude, Luke is more marnus than Paul.
by Luke January 17, 2005
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all along the lines of Emo, but more emotionally charged music then emotionally charged lyrics. This means, their are often heavy guitars and the occasional screaming.

also known as Emo-Screamo
Funeral for A Friend
by Luke June 15, 2004
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-Word Up
"That was a phat shot, yo!"

"I E"
by Luke December 09, 2003
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a penis that is fatter than it is long which usually results in men sitting down in order to piss and clogged vaginas
see chode,choad
I tried to jack-off but i couldn't get a good grip on my squanch
by Luke January 20, 2004
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Cool. From The Hitch Hikers series, when Zaphod describes something as "cool and froody".
"how froody is that new gizmo?"
by Luke October 10, 2003
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when you role over four times and still cant get off scotties fat mum
i dooshbagged list night
by luke March 12, 2003
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Supposedly a male poster at nma-fallout.com/forum, who ever since he had a vasectomy have been experiencing severe period pain.
"Hi, my name is Dove. But oh no!, now I'm having that terrible period pain again!"
by Luke April 30, 2005
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