5 definitions by LolaLola

Guitarist of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. Has a suprisingly deep voice for such a small guy. He really likes photography. Probably is kinky because he quoted R Kelly: "After the show, it's the after party."
by LolaLola August 6, 2005
B-List actress who is rising to the top of the Hollywood ladder by being Tom Cruise's beard (Sorry ladies, but he is very much a friend of Dorothy's). Has two different facial expressions and a large birthmark on her rump. Claims to be a virgin, but at 26- honestly, come on!
Person 1: This person is a bad actress!
Person 2: Yeah, that's Katie Holmes. At least she's riding on Tom Cruise's coattails so she'll go "somewhere"...
by LolaLola August 6, 2005
The guitarist and brains behind Interpol. Daniel has been a lover of music since he was a little tyke back in London, England. He's one smart kat and really hot. He also looks like he's getting a blow job when he is playing his guitar.
Person 1: Who's that hot Amish guy?
Person 2: That's Daniel, the gutarist of Interpol.
by LolaLola August 6, 2005
Drummer of the band Interpol. He previously lived in Florida for a couple of years and was part of a band called the Holy Terrors, a punk rock band. Quite possibly the most humble and kind member in the band, he can also play the drums like a sex beast and it is really impressive that he can play in those dress shirts. He likes to cook.
Sam is the member of Interpol with culinary prowess.
by LolaLola August 6, 2005
Bassist of NYC band Interpol. Part pseudo Goth, part Latin lover, part new wave wonder and quite possibly the most flashy and stylish member of Interpol. The vampire bassist also has rumored to have given some guy's chick herpes, and the guy ain't too happy about it.
Person 1: Who's that vampire Nazi DJing?
Person 2: Carlos D.
by LolaLola August 6, 2005