When a girl masturbates her clit and it looks like she's working on the DJ decks.
Mary was feeling considerably horny so she went to her room and began DJing to some random porn movie she found on the internet
by indietwat July 28, 2013
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When a man rubs a woman's vagina through either her pants or underwear without penetration.
by A*Team February 9, 2012
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Luke found Matt spinnin the old turn tables on his girlfriend behind the barns. That's what you call some dJing
by DJRJ January 12, 2017
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the act of a girl rubbing her own clit to get off/cum
DAMN is becky girl djing in the bathroom?
by ginger ail April 8, 2020
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(verb) DJing or mixing music with 2 computers or 2 boomboxes instead of using actual turntables
He was pre-djing at the party.
by penis-mon September 23, 2010
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Referring to Female masturbation. The bean in the clitoris and DJing refers to the rubbing motion a DJ makes when scratching a record. This is also referred to as flicking the bean.
Hey Michelle, do you want to come out this friday
- No ill be at home Djing at club bean
by Crackbook March 5, 2014
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