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Originally used within the kid's television cartoon series "Flintstones Kids" middle 10 minute featurette "Captain Caveman", this term is used as a descriptor for very startling observances and interactions: In most cases, gigantic, fat and ugly girls.

Most famously used in the phrase
UNGABUNGA CAPTAIN CAVEMAN!(obvious statement here)!
JEEZ look at the face on that... UNGA BUNGA dude!

Holy Ungabunga! she got run over by the stupid bus after falling out of the fat tree...
by LoganPhyve March 27, 2008

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N. Plural gratabriznak. Prn. Grat-uh-Briz-nak. Peanut Brittle. Includes the nut brittle and toffee families of similar texture and flavors.
EX. Oh wow, this is some of the best gratabriznak I have ever stuffed into my cakehole.

"Billy, how would you like to help grandma make some gratabriznak to share today?"

"Dude, grab a bite of this gratabriznak - its totally delicious!
by LoganPhyve March 16, 2008

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BUTES (Pr. byootz) Used to describe something awesome that has just occured, or the awesome properties of an object or person. Contraction of "beautiful."
Bob: "Free pizza at the bar tonight? BUTES! I'm there..."

Girl: I just made you a huge pile of bacon.
Guy: BUTES! bacon rules!

Dude 1: "You ever seen anythin' like them thar?"
Dude 2: "Nah, thems is some high quality butes..."

IT Tech: "We got butes for connection speed now that the new server is up..."
by LoganPhyve March 31, 2008

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Lay Raise: The result of being fired from a position only you or very few people can fill, only to be hired back at a higher pay rate when the company whom fired you comes crawling back for your help.
So they fired me on Friday, and hired me back on Tuesday, but for more money, because I didn't want to go back for the same. Best three day weekend and lay raise ever!
by LoganPhyve January 31, 2012

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Noun. (Prn. brinh-dil) PL brindel: Clutter that forms around the house. Consists of regularly used items common to observer's everyday activities.

Ex. Piles of dirty laundry, stacks of mail and/or magazines, empty beer cans, tools and/or parts, trinkits, etc.

"Holy rusted out chassis Batman! We needs to do us some laundry! There's brindel everywhere!"

"Honey, would you be so kind as to remove that stack of brindel before our guests arive this evening?"

"I've been gone all week and the brindel has really collected here since I haven't paid attention to cleaning."
by LoganPhyve March 16, 2008

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A Jetpack, or "jetpacking" someone, refers to another elementary school or middle school hi jinx, in the same category as a swirly or wedgie. It involves the giver to take a carbon dioxide fire extinguisher, putting the spray end down the back of someone's pants, and emptying it.
OMG, Jason totally gave Billy Bob a Jetpack after a wedgie! That's one cold, sore ass!

Holy Crap,I got jetpacked by Brian the other day and it was Friggen' Cold!
by LoganPhyve September 04, 2008

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