The act of having sex with someone you find unattractive just for the sake of getting laid.
"You had sex with that?!"
"Um...yeah. You never pass up free pizza!"
by JimmyJamesLovesYou November 11, 2011
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"free pizza"

It is the act of copulating, sex, bumping ugly's, or something along the lines of that.
mike: Hey danica, lets go to my house, and get some free pizza!
danica: FREE PIZZA! ALRIGHT! I love pizza!
mike: Your a fuckin' dip! (dip shit) nvm I guess im just going to have to teabag you.

me and my girlfriend are constantly having free pizza.
by kamel_reds March 26, 2008
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The Free Pizza Nation is a group of people who believe in free pizza for all. There is no money get what you get based on the work and how much it helps the community. It is run by Ismail Waleed
by Gaming Raptor February 9, 2018
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When they hold a prayer event at your school and they give free pizza if you sit through it.
Person 1.) Aw man I have to deal with the free pizza jesus people today!
Person 2.) Well at least we get some quality pizza.
Person 1.) But they are so fucking annoying!
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{n.} Only THE most wonderful band of all time.
Ryan, Mike, and Berto of 'Free Beer and Pizza' own my soul.
by FemaleJesus May 3, 2005
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