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Spanish for fuckin, to 'enhance' adjective, not sex
Parate, pinche idiota!
(shut up, fuckin idiot!)
by LoLo November 23, 2004

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Sex on legs.
Johnny Depp is sex on legs!
by LoLo June 18, 2004

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An australian term for a french kiss.
'Last night, I pashed a gorgeous guy at a party.'
by lolo February 18, 2003

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The amount of hair left 'hanging' off the scalp after a cornrow.
That guy doesn't have NO hang time!
by LoLo December 13, 2004

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A hot-ass actor who has a hot ass. Ironic, but very true.
"Shut up, stupid!"
by LoLo March 26, 2004

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what you say to your ho when she is giving you some bullshit about how she doesnt have your money.
What I say to Brantito when he is in a shroomality.
Trick please, you have been sitting on your ass all day. Go down to the corner and get my Hypno!
by lolo February 23, 2005

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noun, the temporary reality someone experiences when taking shrooms.
I locked myself in a freezer because was in a shroomality where the freezer was the only safe place.
by lolo February 23, 2005

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