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Derived from Tennis Shoes. What most northerners, southerners, midwesterners... hell pretty much everyone except for easterners call 'sneakers'..
I was about to kick this niggas ass for scuffin up my new tennishoes!
by LoLo November 24, 2004
a person who, in most cases, experiences a desire for caffine...not a necessity and when given said drug...tends to become pyschotic and irrational....especially dangerous in confined areas
Amber Siddle in a car after having a double shot mocha.
by LoLo April 3, 2004
A game to be played with friends.
One person runs his/her finger along the side of the opponent's face and says bikini.
Bonus points can be gained from using one's toes.
The object is to gross out your opponent and catch him/her off guard.
I felt so violated when my friend got a bikini and touched my face with her foot.
by LoLo July 8, 2006
A child that is between the stages of crawling and walking. This usually results in scooting around on the floor. These youngsters may earn the nickname of Scootie.
Scootie is the best little sister ever. I can't wait until she can play with me.
by LoLo July 8, 2006
Spanish for fuckin, to 'enhance' adjective, not sex
Parate, pinche idiota!
(shut up, fuckin idiot!)
by LoLo November 24, 2004
Someone who is unbeliveably intelligent, smart, beautiful, and really awesome. An opposite of jackkiller.
by LoLo January 25, 2004