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verb, 1. the improper spelling of valmorphanize.
-see also valmorification.
*minus ten thousand nerd-skill-level points for not engaging the mute/closed-captioning feature on your TV in conjunction with your DVD broadcast to verify the spelling of the invented words in the script.
If you were the red commie bastard puppet character, Kim Jong-il, in TEAM AMERICA, WORLD POLICE you would pronounce the word, "valmorpharize."
by Little Joe McCarthy Boyd July 08, 2005
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to change from somthing very sweet, to somthing much sweeter. There is a big red button labled this in all of the vehichles in team america world police that when pushed make that vehichle sweeter and changes it from a water, air , or land vehichle.
Baxter hit the valmorpharize button on the limo and it turned into an even sweeter airplane.

Gary valmorharized his jet into a sumbarin in about 2 seconds
by Garrett S May 19, 2005
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