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Rap group originating in Staten Island (aka Shaolin), NY. Two cousins, The GZA and the RZA founded it, with RZA bein the leader. The group includes U-God, Raekwon the Chef, Inspectah Deck, Ghostface Killah, the late Ol Dirty Bastard, Method Man, and Masta Killa.
Their group came up with backronyms as well, including "Witty Unpredictable Talent And Natural Game", "Wisdom, Universe, Truth, Allah, Nation, and God" and "We Usually Take All Niggaz Garments".
When it come to original rappas, you can't get no betta than the Wu-Tang Clan.
by LilBibby2342 August 10, 2005
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The nickname given to now NBA star point guard Jason Williams of the Memphis Grizzlies. He had the street flava in his game so was called it.
Take a look at that pass! White chocolate just embarrassed that fool!
by LilBibby2342 July 19, 2005
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The nickname given to Boston Red Sox leftfielder Manny Ramirez by talk show host Jim Rome.
ManRam just hit a bomb to win the game!
by LilBibby2342 July 22, 2005
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concerning a degrading statement; can be an insult of anything or anyone, but usually pertaining to a racist remark. cracka, chink, and nigga can all be used as examples of derogatory terms.
Luke's derogatory inference of the person of Asian dissent as a chink was not only uncalled for and insulting, but racist.
by LilBibby2342 July 16, 2005
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a reversed acronym. The word "backronym" was coined in 1983 by KRS-ONE, who created his rap name and then made a backronym for it, making the letters stand for something.
KRS-ONE making his name to stand for "Knowledge Reigns Supreme - Over Nearly Everyone" is an example of a backronym.
by LilBibby2342 August 10, 2005
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slang abbreviation for Undercover Cop. A policeman who dresses in street clothes attempting to hide his identity so that he can fit in with tha crowd and get the word on happenins the police wouldn't normally know about. Tries to act like yor boy but then sells you out so he can bust a drug deal or anythin like that.
T-Bill: "yo, yous gotta hit it up with that new dude jimmy, he fa real!"
The Stepbrother: "nah man, dat fools a cuvvie, stay away from him."
by LilBibby2342 September 25, 2005
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A girl who has the appearance of exhaustion. originally used to describe what echo looks like when she's overtired and puts her hair in a bun and wears sweatpants and a hoody. The sight of a slump is usually followed by comments of 'eww' (which are completely ignorant and utterly misplaced when made towards brookee). WARNING: The resemblance of a slump can appear in anyone and is often caused by the state of being rushed.
Echo: "eeeeeeeewwwww I look like a slump today!!! my hair's in a bun and i'm wearing a hoody and sweats!"

Fool: "Ewww. look at that slump. she's gross."
SBB: "you're a fool. that is the only original ECHO and your comment should be disregarded."


Brooke, the only girl who can look like a slump and still cause millions to echo her
by LilBibby2342 March 01, 2007
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