A normally shitty couple of songs given to you by your aspiring rapper friend who thinks he's gonna "make it" in the music industry. They claim it is "fire" but it's probably a bunch of garbage. The number of mixtapes circling the internet now has in fact gotten so large that the government has had to set up multiple fires around the country to burn their friends' shitty mixtapes.
Friend: Yo check out my mixtape mang I'm spittin some real hot fire
You: I'd rather die
by RDizzleFizzleTrizzle May 31, 2015
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A CD or other media containing songs remixed authorized or unauthorized by djs who resell them on the street.
"YO! heard dat new Mixtape dat Smoove put out? He's sellin it for $10 on 48th and 8th."
"Yeah I heard Fabolous got a Mixtape comin out soon too..."
by Humes November 4, 2003
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1. N. A cassette tape with songs from various artists recorded on it.

2. N. A cassette tape with songs compiled for personal (non-commercial) use.
1. the smiths- asleep
ride- vapour trail
simon and garfunkel- scarborough
procol harum- a whieter shade of pale
nick drake- time of no reply
beatles- dear prudence
suzanna vega- gypsy
moody blues- nights in white satin
smashing pumkins- daydream
genesis- dush
beatles- blackbird
fleetwood mac- landslide
the smiths- asleep

2. He gave his friend a mixtape for his birthday.
by prn January 6, 2004
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If you looked this up, you are undeniably white. Don't lie.
Only a real nigga knows what a mixtape is whithout Urban Dictionary.
by pa63r November 13, 2016
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A hot mash-up of songs on one tape or CD
by swagmonkey12 August 7, 2015
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A collection of songs made by a sorry ass brother named Trek, with intentions of giving it to a broad that is dating his best friend.
Check it out man, I made a mixtape of Sheila's favorite songs so I can get some poon.
by Tyrone December 16, 2004
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A sacred piece of literature / fanfiction in the it 2017/reddie stan community that can be found on wattpad.
"Bro have you read Mixtape by Tyler James yet?"

"No, is it good?"

"Hell yeah! It was kinda sad though."
"I'll read it. Its on wattpad right?"
by yuhyuh69420 July 10, 2020
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