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(n) state of exhaustion due to copious amounts of sexual activity.

other spelling:
i can't make it out tonight; i'm sexhausted.
by Lfrey April 25, 2006
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1. (n) a lump of flesh that male homosapiens are trained to believe entitles them to more respect and better pay than women.
2. (n) repro organ which males frequently compare sizes of; white males may become upset and attempt to enslave an entire race.
3. (adj) a deragotory name for someone who is being arrogant or stoopid
whiteManSays: i wouldn't know what to do with my time if i wasn't busy trying to oppress developing countries and prove the worth of my penis!
by Lfrey April 28, 2006
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(n) a person (or creature) whose eyes have a special quality of vacancy and vacuousness, reminiscent of a evil, bottomless anus. whether utterly daft or extremely crafty, those with "ass eyes" will appear to have no soul.

note: children and small animals commonly cry and/or take flight when caught in the gaze of an ass eye.
girl 1: yo, girl, i was co'chillin when i noticed "ass eyes" starring me down across the buss.
girl 2: gross.
girl 1: yeah, then when the bus stopped he purposely brushed up against my tits on his way out.
girl 2: fuckin' ass clown.
by Lfrey April 25, 2006
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A nickname for Whole Foods Market, the now-famous purveyor of (rather high-priced) organic and fresh foods and sundries.
i'm headed to Whole Paycheck to pick up a dozen organic, cage-free, range-free, vegetarian-fed eggs and some sustainably farmed, sprouted quinoa; good thing i just completed that second mortgage.
by Lfrey April 26, 2006
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(1) an exclamation of woe or regret (especially when due to one's own error or negligence)
(2) coil-shaped fecal matter

other spelling(s):
shitstickz (rare)
shitstyks (rare)

note: "shite" may also be substituted for "shit"
1. aw, shitsticks! totally thought i was gonna get laid tonight.

2. i ruined my shoe in the park stepping on a fat shitstick.
by Lfrey April 25, 2006
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