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Someone that listens to Japanese music such as Visual Kei for the look of the bands. Not much higher above the average n00b, or they may be one. Look out for them. They tend to lurve Malice Mizer and Mana overly muchly.
It is just as bad to be an ignorant fucking bastard like Leon if you are a Japoser so plz don't feel bad >=D
by IcyHaku December 01, 2004
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1.Similar to the 'instafan'. Someone who takes a look at a Japanese band and instantly likes them for the way they look. They don't even listen to the music, which is what a band is about, even if they're visual key, listen to the music also people.

2.Someone who poses as a Japanese person. Loving everything to do with Japanese, when in reality they're just doing it because the crowd is doing it.

1. Random girl: I love Dir en grey, they're all so cute! :annoying squeal:
Random actual fan: Man, you're such a Japoser, listen to the freakin music before you even consider talking to me about Dir en grey.

2. Look at that Japoser over there, she didn't start dressing as a lolita until the Japanese crowd did.
by Tweetybird March 18, 2006
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Some fag on AIM Chats who says things like 'bai' or <.<, trying to be AZN and cool or somthing. Its really gay.
Konichiwa!!! <.< Lyk hai sLip-kun.
by sLip May 03, 2004
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Anybody who tries to be Japanese and listen to Japanese bands, such as Dir En gay, the most faggot-like band Ever.
by Leon May 08, 2004
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