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Shave, Shower and Shit. The perfect activity to warm up for breakfast.
"Woke up, triple s combo, then ate breakfast at the IHOP."
Ben always had a way of saying just a little too much.
by Legbah February 04, 2008

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Someone who is exceptional slow. Especially when running or in hand-eye coordination.
"Jack's a good athelete."
"Yeah, he's coordinated, but he's so slow he looks like a five toed sloth."
by Legbah February 04, 2008

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Origin: rural America. bastardization of the word particular-refering to the idea that all things are made of smaller parts, and by breaking or reducing something into smaller or simpler parts one can understand it better.
Roy "That old man is an asshole, he made me wash his car twice-tah!"
Billy Joe "He's jus' perticular."
Roy "Whatever, his ass will clean off his own red clay mud next time!"
by Legbah February 05, 2008

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The act of jumping up in the air, turning horizontal and landing on a friend who is prostrate,then flopping and shaking often to the point of elvation above the helpless 2nd party. This is intended as motivation for the 2nd party to get up and participate in selected ativity.
Andy and Greg entered Jack's room.
"Get up Jack, let's go fishing.", said Andy.
"No, I'm tired", said Jack.
"Come on, get up you five toed sloth", said Greg.
"No, mmmm," Jack mumbled as he tried to go back to sleep.
"Well, if you won't come to where the fish is, I'll have to bring the Fish to you!", with this Greg launched himself in the air and landed on his side on Jack's prostrate body and began flopping like a fish. His eyes became glassy and he opened his mouth as if quietly gasping for air, all the while flopping violently and clumsily as Jack whimpered, "Go on, Go on(meaning leave me alone)."
by Legbah February 04, 2008

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A term of affection for a pet or small child who is a constant "shitstirrer" or is always tearing up something, spilling or eating improper food, or is annoying.
She walked through the door and saw the dog chewing up her favorite shoes. "Stop it motherfucker!" she screamed and kicked at the dog. "Oh come here," she said, then petted the frightened dog lovingly as she sighed, "terdtapper."
by Legbah February 04, 2008

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Cunnilingus performed on an untrimed african-american vagina. Usually comes with fries and a shake(maybe oral sex with cowgirl or doggystyle sex, where the woman can grind or shake her hips during.
As he approached the Girl at the McDonalds counter he smiled and as she smiled back he said, "Damn girl, let's get outta here. I'm jonesin for a nappy meal."
by Legbah February 05, 2008

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1)Superman's second cousin from San Francisco. 2)Hippy love child that succeeds in the corporate world.
"Have no fear mother earth, Super Tuesday is here!"

"That girl Flower, she never wears shoes except during working hours. She was raised a hippy and now she makes 6 figures, she's a Super Tuesday."
by Legbah February 05, 2008

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