37 definitions by LeXi

1.This is a combination of words meaning gay and nasty.( the word should not be taken as an ofense to gays.)
2. Very ugly
Why did you do that Brandon? That's so ganasty!
by Lexi May 14, 2004
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naff, bollux, not very good.

army saying.
this movie is so bone.
by lexi May 08, 2004
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It's like those blank pieces in Scrabble; it means whatever you want it to mean.
1. (In an instant message or email) *Moomas Katy*

2. I will mooma you!

3. That is so very mooma.
by Lexi January 04, 2004
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A man's cock
"Save a tree eat a beaver."(look up beaver)
by Lexi October 06, 2003
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injury or detriment to one's legal rights or claims (as from the action of another): as a : substantial impairment of a defendant's ability to defend <the court found no prejudice to the defendant by the lengthy delay in bringing charges> b : tendency for a decision on an improper basis (as past conduct) by a trier of fact <whether an ex parte communication to a deliberating jury resulted in any reasonable possibility of prejudice to the defendant —National Law Journal> c : implied waiver of rights and privileges not explicitly retained <District Court erred in attaching prejudice to prisoner's complaint for injunctive relief —National Law Journal>
Bob: "You nigga!"

Jolene: "Hamburger man!"

Bob: "I'm Chinese you nignog, you!"

Jolene: "And I'm African-American. How
do you think I feel?"

Bob: "Less bad than i do!"

Jolene: *runs into bathroom and crys*

Bob: "Good ridance, SLAVE!"

~In this scene, Bob is a Chinese boy calling an African-American girl named Jolene a "nigga" or negro which is what blacks were called when they barely had any rights.~
by Lexi February 27, 2005
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I don't mean to ramble but...Johnny Depp is the sexiest, cutest, most talented, suavest, savviest, most huggable, sweetest, hottest, most lovable, nummiest (and every other word such as those) actor/pirate/scissor handed guy/whatever roles he has or will play. I adore him totally and is basically the only guy worth drooling over.
Johnny Depp totally stole the show in PotC, with his half gayness, swagger, sexy voice, worn clothes, gold teeth, and all the other elements of his character.
by Lexi December 26, 2003
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celery Is a complex zombie obsessed wit computers n has an opinion on every-flippin-thing. He randomly has trees shoved up my nose ;-) and makes m8s with jehova witnesses :-)
The 10ft stick of celery!!!
by Lexi November 27, 2003
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