37 definitions by LeXi

1} {sugarpants.org} n.: Dwelling place of Lexi. Sugarpants contains the answers of the world.
Man I visted Sugarpants today, it was rad!
by Lexi June 21, 2003
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Complex piece of celery hu is obsessed wit computers n has an opinion on every-flippin-thing & hu randomly gets trees shoved up his nose and has odd friends hu are jehova's witnesses dat sell double glazing.
It's eddie the 10ft stick of celery
by Lexi November 25, 2003
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A term used by Montville Freshmans!!
Noun: Mouthy
Verb: Mouthing Off
Adjective: Your being Mouthy

Stop getting salty with me
by Lexi February 28, 2005
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another amazing way of saying the old word sweet; a ghetto way of saying sweet
look at that schweet booty on that cutie!
by LeXi April 10, 2005
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The most rockin' radio station in Texas. Plays a bit of everything, all the "in" songs, as some people may call them...and are annoyed by them. I am I lover of almost all music, however.
Houston's #1 Hit Music Station is 104 KRBE!
by Lexi January 05, 2004
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seduce someone
imma shank you in bed tonight
by Lexi April 19, 2003
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Someone who liek listens to music about getting high and they never do, listen to christian bands and still do bad things, or listen to punk bands when they really arent into the music. You get the point.
My boyfriend is such a fuckin poser, he listens to Kottonmouth Kings yet he's onyl gotten high once, haha
by LeXi April 22, 2003
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