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another word for buggin or trippin. don't know for sure where it originated but the first time i heard it used was in the county jail in '04' by somebody who was well respected in my hood and in the jail. when people in the (my) hood feel like a word is played out, sometimes they give another word the same meaning. like 'i'm chillin' became 'i'm coolin' became 'i'm loungin' became 'i'm lampin' and eventually became 'i'm easy'.
AG: "yo, we should run down there and rob one of them doughboys".

Murdah: "what?, you meltin! we gone walk down there instead and rob them all".
by LastLogo October 8, 2010
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to put forth sincere effort to become more than what you are now, and be successful in these efforts. bringing something out of yourself that you never even knew you had in you, pause
stop being a slacker and go out there in the world and achieve everything that you always knew you could, but were too afraid of failure to apply yourself. STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS, MAN!
by LastLogo October 8, 2010
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being the recipient of extremely exceptional head . not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good! wugga wugga wugga wugga-there it is!
"yo, that bitch from your buildin done bad mouthed everybody in da hood"
by LastLogo October 8, 2010
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means you was relaxin or havin a good time and something happened or somebody did something to ruin it for you. i heard the term used once and the phrase perfectly described the situation for which it was used.
I bumped into my ex at this party last nite and she was bout to let me smash in the bathroom for ol' times sake, but my ride to the party was ready to leave so she gave me a brain check and told me 'maybe next time'. when we got to the car i told him that he sure know how to put somebody's chill on froze
by LastLogo October 8, 2010
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a compliment paid to a sexy female as she walks pass you. this phrase is not spewed at each and every sexy female, but only the ones who are sexy, dressed to death from head to toe, and throwin dat booty xtra hard cuz she know you lookin. 9 times outta ten she smilin from ear to ear after you say it, but you'll never know cuz her back is towards you. she smilin though, trust me. she don't just look good,she hurtin em.

you see her, she look good but you on the go and don't really have time tospit at her. next best thing: don't hurt em baby
as she passed by him he did'nt try to spit at her because she was waaay outta his league and he knew he'd get shot down. but she looked sooo good that he just had to say something. so he said "don't hurt em baby".
by LastLogo October 8, 2010
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