Wugga means my everything

Or Daddy😍😝💍
Hey wugga😊💍
Kenny: Doesn't they yankees suck?
Psyra: Wugga
Larry: Wigga?
Psyra: Wugga
by 84forlife October 17, 2007
When you have absolutely nothing else to say, but you still want to say something to break the silence. Too purposely be rude. "just something to say"
by Antwanionionionio August 10, 2003
Pain in the but. Otherwise known as an over tired four year old.
"please stop being a nugga-wugga"
by megamom12 February 16, 2010
A word that can have very many meanings and be used in many contexts. You can call a person it in place of idiot or arse, you can use it instead of damn etc...
Hey why are you being such a fugga wugga?

Oh fugga wugga, I lost my keys.
by TDF-prez June 12, 2007
A game played in elementary in which students hide and when found by other students must hide together until the last person finds them, no teaming is allowed for the seekers
by Pssu May 9, 2021