4 definitions by Landric

When someone loans their car to a drug dealer in exchange for crack. Generally speaking, since drug dealers are not to be trusted, they fail to return the car later and the owner, who has now smoked up all the crack, calls the police to report the car stolen.
Tyrone done got six fly rides off of rock rentals this week yo
by Landric April 4, 2003
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Similar to the rock rental, this occurs when a crackhead trades the use of a vehicle in their possession for crack.
Tawanda done given Boo a crack lease on her hoopde yo!
by Landric April 4, 2003
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Urban youths who spend all their free time sitting on fences near pay phones while shouting at traffic and attempting to sell drugs.
Look at that bunch of fence jockeys sitting by the 7-11.
by Landric April 2, 2003
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A restraint hold used by the police to choke the shit out of a fence jockey until he allows himself to be handcuffed or he dies. Either is OK with the police.
Yo, the cops put the moose monkey on Jawan until he done got kilt and shit
by Landric April 3, 2003
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