The most gorgeous, sexiest, hottest, of them all. Very outgoing personality, spontaneous, and loved by all.
Oh how I would love to have Tawanda in my life.
by Loved by many7 February 25, 2017
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Tawanda is a Male Shona name originating from Zimbabwe and the word means "We are now many"
Future tense for "Tawanda" is "Takawanda". Means "We are many"
Past tense is "Tanga takawanda" meaning "we were many"
by Soul_Lunar January 19, 2017
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Tawanda is a word that originated in Africa and is uses by all africans Tawanda mean the underdog that always seems to get all the girls
T.j-I bet you can get that girl
C.j-yeah man she's out of your League
me-watch this then (i get the girl)

C.J and T.J ohh man what a Tawanda
by Crip or die April 8, 2015
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