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a small car made by suzuki...
standard versions are fwd, but can also be found in 4wd turbo versions
OMG WTF WAS THAT! THAT LITTLE SHIT KILLED MY V8 VN! ill go and die of shame...
by Lance August 3, 2004
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1. One who follows and lives by the current trend (dying/spiking hair, sagging pants, using specific words in every sentence, etc)
2. One who holds no real opinions and/or will not accept radical theories. They are hypocritical and typically expect the world to be fair. They do not recognize the seriousness or reality of world events such as Rwanda. They think that good intentions will always lead to a positive output and they typically think that their problems are worse than everyone else’s.
1. “You should bleach your hair. It’ll look really cool, especially if you spike it, too.” “Ok”

2. Trend Whore: “I hate school”
Me: “Why”
Trend Whore: “Because I have to do homework and my teachers are gay”
Me: “Well, without school, you’d be an idiot with no friends, huh?”
Trend Whore: “Uh… I guess so
Me: “Then school isn’t so bad, isn’t it?”
Trend Whore: “Shut up, fag. You’re gay as hell.”
by Lance April 16, 2004
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A word said when either stoned or drunk. Usually stated when you are happy with a slur. from the foundings of friends.
by Lance January 5, 2005
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After a night of heavy petting and intercourse,the sheets were painted with snail trails.
by Lance January 19, 2005
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Ashwin Kailash Gobindram Chandiramani
by Lance February 22, 2003
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relating back to the old english. Means someone who gives reamings to assholes or anything that can be reamed.
"Look at that teacher" from the looks of him he seems to ream holes. He looks like a Sir Remus
by Lance January 5, 2005
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an immigrant that has adapted to most aspects of American life, but still cannot come off to others as a native-born American.
"You think everyone likes you, but you'll always be just a merican in my eyes."
by Lance November 24, 2003
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