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When a girl shows interest in you, and instead of responding you simply ignore her, and leave for another continent.
This girl I wasn't into was all over me, so I just used the Jeff Method and up and left for Europe.
by Laleph May 15, 2010
Another word for a Morkie dog (a mix between a Maltese and a Yorkie). This former mutt but now wildly popular breed is typically found in the Pacific Northwest, and is known for its abilities to perform a variety of tricks. Can be used as both a proper noun, and a noun.
OMG! Look at Buster doing his millitary crawl... so cute!

Look at all those Buster's over there... they're so cute when they play together!
by Laleph June 13, 2010
Where Mitt Romney gets his women from
Joe: Bit of a sausagefest we've got going on here, we need to find some ladies!

Mitt: Not to worry, I've got binders full of women we can choose from!
by Laleph October 17, 2012
When someone wants to turn their back to you, while still intending to pay attention to the person they are with. Frequently used while lying in bed but needing to flip over to the other side.
Lars: Nat, I'm gonna give you the warm shoulder, I just need to flip sides and lay on my left side right now.

Nat: I understand.
by Laleph May 21, 2010
Rather obscure adjective used by individuals from the Ballard neighborhood of Seattle to describe a person that you are solely dating but do not want the relationship to be categorized as a girlfriend or boyfriend. Often used by the males in the family to deflect the perceived intrusive questioning (and hoping) of the female members or as a repulsive response to any form of categorization. For all intent and purpose it means boyfriend or girlfriend.

The origin seems to be from the Scandinavian, Lutheran community of NW Washington state. The males of this group have a visceral dislike of relational categorization due, it is believed, to adherence to ancient Viking norms that stressed global, indiscriminant spreading of genetic material.
Hey Lars, how is your girlfriend Natalie

She is not my girlfriend, she is my 'lifafriend'!

Sorry dude.
by Laleph December 25, 2009
The strange uncle in your family who goes around giving birth control to all the

Uncle Sugar: Merry Christmas! I have something special for you!

Emily: Looks like it's birth control... again... ummm, thanks Uncle Sugar?

Uncle Sugar: Anything for you hun, now you can let that libido of yours run

by Laleph January 25, 2014
A Christmas tree cut down in the forest, most likely illegally by hicks, who are too cheap to go out and buy their own tree.
Cletus: Hey Billy Bob, you git yer Christmas tree from the tree lot down the road?

Billy Bob: No way, I saw a nice lookin' tree when I was drivin' down the highway, so I chopped her down and threw my nice free range Christmas tree in the back of my truck. Tis the season!
by Laleph December 13, 2010