4 definitions by LUVEECHUDDA

When your younger brother can’t say Travis so he calls you Tra Tra
Tra Tra we are so lucky our dad is the greatest ever!
by LUVEECHUDDA April 29, 2021
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To be so beautiful and talented looking that she has the look of a Movie Star.
Chantel is Moviestaresk as her Beauty and Elegant look could have her Staring in Movies.
by LUVEECHUDDA May 16, 2021
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To be so angry you are now past aggravated and are now so Agro you are Agroseptic . Like fully infected with agro.
By the time the fourth person said the same thing I was now so Agroseptic that I threw back at them every swear would I could think of .
by LUVEECHUDDA April 27, 2021
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To go on urban dictionary and make spelling mistakes in the definition
Carl goes on Urban Dictionary and makes grammar and spelling mistakes every time.
He does a UrbanDictionaryspellzda
by LUVEECHUDDA May 18, 2021
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