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1. A word which refers to a city dweller who vacations in the west.
2. In the west, a person who is very fancy and/or dresses sharply
3. A man or fellow
4. A person of either gender, used as a term of endearment or friendliness
5. A person of either gender used as a general term, not necessarily of endearment.
6. An interjection of happiness, satisfaction, or awe
7. An interjection of dissapointment or sympathy
8. Oh, fuck it. Dude can mean *anything*, you retards. It can probably be a fucking verb, for God's sake.
Dude, there was this dude and he totally duded me dude.
by Lol February 17, 2005

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some FINE,FINE,FINErapper from the atl.
by lol October 31, 2003

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The movie deserves a sequel.
Betty: I am a magician. Your clothes are red.
by lol October 02, 2003

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coolest person alive fo shizzle
Mish is amazing, yes, amazing.
by lol September 03, 2004

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An arrogant faggot who lives on Ems on Neopets.com. He fled from the scene for a while when Vitz (Lord God and Savior) scared him away.
Man, look at that guy taking two dicks up his ass! Jesus, the only other time I've seen that happen is with Kobra!
by LOL April 22, 2005

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Some guy on CSN who posts way way way too much. Oh, yeah, and he makes up fake definitions on this site (Urbandictionary.com).
Hey man, you lie as much as n1k23.
by Lol October 31, 2004

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1. Bad ass french-math teacher
2. Mullet
Lemelin has a mullet.
I hat lemelin.
Lemelin dont speak good.
by lol March 26, 2003

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