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when a guy sticks a few of his fingers into a girls vagina hard and fast until she orgasms
He fingered me so good i was screaming and could barely walk the next day
by Lizzy July 21, 2004
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(Adj.)- A characteristic that makes one special. Someone with a lot of quirks might be considered fucked up.
My favorite quirk about him is that he has to sleep the furthest away from the door.
by Lizzy November 23, 2003
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a term used to greet friends in a fun kind of way, using a funny canadian accent is fun too...
after a while people will start to copy you and you will have to stop saying for a while, then you can start saying it again after it isnt as...annoyingly repeative...
"ello poppet! 'ow are you?"
by Lizzy February 24, 2005
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Most awesome girl ever.
Kaelin Rhea is awesome.
by lizzy April 06, 2005
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another name for parents
"your parentals calmed down yet?"
by lizzy June 08, 2004
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Guy 1: See that guy? Hes a miget!
Guy 2: wtf is a miget?
by Lizzy October 10, 2003
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To make a haimes of something = to mess something up
"This is a song that I made a total haimes of last night on TV"
by Lizzy April 08, 2005
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