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A very attractive woman usually with a nice ass, which in fact you would tap, which makes her tapworthy.
Kyle: damnnnnnnn see that chick down there?
Dylan: so tapworthy!
by kylowned April 28, 2007

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Pretty self-explanatory

.. For the less knowledgable ones, it is the act of burning a jew whether in a oven or tied around a wooden pole.
Dave: I just pwned that jewbake
by Kylowned August 27, 2006

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A large pile of shit that comes from an animals ass and it's all old and rotten.
Dylan: What in fuck's name is that horse doing?
Kyle: Shitting out some Dangle Berry Stew
by Kylowned December 23, 2005

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A skateboarding magazine created by the famous skateboaring company "West 49"
Kyle: Hey Dylan, did you pick up the concrete powder magazine at West 49?
Dylan: Yeah! It's real good!
by Kylowned June 24, 2005

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A person who takes about a billion pictures of themselves in every single angle imaginable.

Usually, most teen sluts with there little cameras take pictures of themselves with them looking away from the camera and there mouths wide open waiting to receive cock.

Also, the famous "myspace" scene shot. When you stand infront of a mirror, looking like a complete fag.. and taking a picture.

Christ... drop the camera and get a life.
Man that chick is so scene! Fuck, god damn look at her myspace she has about 10000 pictues of herself!
by Kylowned May 27, 2006

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Coming from the word drainpipes, are tight tight pants worn by scenesters and emos.
Kyle: Yo dylan wheres your drainers
Dylan: They're my sister's
Kyle: .. Snap
by Kylowned March 29, 2007

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A useless saying that has no importance whatsoever, it is usually consists of one word, repeating letters or is irrelevant to the topic at hand.
noob1: i like dicks
admin: stfu stop spamming n00b
by Kylowned June 10, 2007

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