the sound that the pufferfish makes while vibin and choking on a carrot
pufferfish: augh
human: he lookin kinda fresh doe ngl
by dvdwastaken November 25, 2019
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1. an exclamation used in everyday conversation to express sexual desires
2. word used to agree with someone
3. word used to get a large group's (pattern "joke") attention
4. the catch phrase of the infamous moco!
definition 1:
"augh! that feels good"

definition 2:
"augh, i see"

definition 3:
"augh! play me an a"

definition 4:
by i order kegs in class August 10, 2009
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a form of disgust, snoring, anger, or gibberish
my dad was snoring and was like AUGH
by dictonaryboy May 27, 2023
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T. i never lie ever except for when i have to and some other times

G. Augh!
by timorel May 28, 2009
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The sound of a man snoring people find funny on TikTok you will often hear this man on YouTube channels named

TickleMyTip or Goofy Ahh Uncle productions and names like that on TikTok you might find sounds that include "Goofy Ahh" in which this obviously is connected to the Goofy Ahh trend.
Phone A: Augh Augh

Person A: *Goes to the comments and types* This is goofy ahh hell
by FW_Chris May 19, 2022
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a. A word sharing qualities with Argh, but not quite as piratey. Augh is used as a general utterance of frustration and anger. It is also mainly used as an expression of dismay.

.b A Battle Cry.

.c A noise of disgust.
.a "AUGH! Where the fuck are my keys!"


.c1 "Augh! Someone shit on the coats!"

.c2 "Augh, I think someone may have shit on the coats."
by Fatherpadre August 6, 2008
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A battle cry used to disorient the attackers, works very well.
brittish person: (running at him with sword)
Scottish person: "AAAAAUUUUUUGH" (jams sword through stomach)
by Patrick October 16, 2004
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