18 definition by Kunstable

a term often heard in northern ireland,it means the effects of consuming copious quantities of ecstacy or MDMA. the afflicted person's eyes will roll back in their skull,the jaw will move up and down at approximately 93 mph,and the words "man i am soooo baked" will usually be spoken in an unintelligible manner.
last night i was chin bar walloped

did ya see the hack of that wee lad? he was fuckin chin bar walloped!
by Kunstable January 16, 2007

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a pastie is a battered almost burger like creation of which im actually not sure of the ingredients.anyhow the pastie is placed inside a bap,and with the optional(though highly recommended)addition of grated cheese it becomes a tasty meal all of its own.

according to speak norn iron"the pastie bap is 100% pure northern irish through and through.it was invented in 1987 to counter the popularity of wimpy burgers in belfast".
gis a pastie bap and a a small cheesy chip and a tin of pepsi
by Kunstable January 16, 2007

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a beautiful set of 'balancing' lakes built as part of the development of the new town of craigavon.usually referred to simply as the lakes.surrounded by acres of parkland.
main attractions include
1.fishing for dead fish and toilet seats
2.swimming in heavily polluted water thereby growing another arm as a result
3.drinking and graffitti under the numerous lovely bridges
4.for kids aged 5 and over,bricking passing trains
5.watching all the people that actually work and have jobs powerwalk to keep fit
6.watersports centre is out of bounds due to radioactive contamination
7.tannaghmore animal farm,and if you visit the park at night you can witness the antics of derrymacash youths who cant hold their drink
8.and finally,rushmere shopping centre is very close to hand,as is legahory which sells a wide selection of your favorite class A,B and C drugs.

man:"wana walk around craigavon lakes love?"
wife:"nah cos we might be ate by the zombie"
by Kunstable January 16, 2007

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The pinnacle of high cuisine, in Northern Ireland at least. A meal that consists of chips,grated cheese and covered in gravy. Looks like vomit , or shit, depends where you get it from. But nonetheless is considered "sweet as" by the masses and tastes surprisingly good.
some bah "gis a gravy cheesy chip bah"
chippie owner "i'll nak yer ballix in!"
by kunstable December 02, 2007

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a now sadly out of use measurment of cannabis,that cost ten pounds.good if you were skint,but usually appeared not much unlike a spiders leg.
stoner 1:"get a fiver and we'll get a 10 deal"
stoner 2:"nah man,dont sell deals anymore thine friend,but the quarters are fifteen quid.no! wait! theyre 40 quid now round craigavon what a rip off,and its not even real pollen!"
by Kunstable January 16, 2007

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Another term for those men who get their A-Hole filled in by other men, and vice versa.
"Yer man over there is such a rectum rattler"
by Kunstable January 01, 2008

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The act of buying, and then consuming alcoholic beverages prior to entering a pub or bar, thereby saving money and aquiring a good deal of courage. Usually buckfast tonic wine is the drink of choice.

Carry out scene = C.O scene

PERSON 1---"Yo mate you goin for a C.O scene before we hit the town?"
PERSON 2---"Aye s'pose so man. What d'ya fancy gettin? Im sick gettin wine"(Buckfast tonic wine)

enter the off licence......

after looking at the range of alcohol for five minutes.....

PERSON 1---"Wine it is then?"
PERSON 2---"Hmm.....aye.....nothin better I s'pose!!!"
by Kunstable August 06, 2007

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