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Unbelievably,this is the singular of beer!(if spoken by gerry)
Yo conors, d'ya want a beers?

Three beer, two beer, one Beers
by Kunstable August 06, 2007
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the ulster expression for a cigarette. a linguistic corruption of the word fag.

in craigavon the phrase "gis a feg" is widely used by the younger populace as an alternate greeting.
person 1:"gis a feg wee lad"
person 2:"i dont have any"(shock)
by Kunstable January 03, 2007
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also known as the dole,unemployment benefit,or officially jobseekers allowance.quite a marvellous creation,it is how the majority of people support their drink and drug habits around craigavon and indeed throughout northern ireland

progression to a better paid benefit such as DLA or incapacity benefit is usually desirable.
the brew is only 45 quid a week you knowt
by Kunstable January 16, 2007
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