18 definition by Kunstable

Another term for a homosexual male
"That guy is definately a crap cruncher..."

by Kunstable January 01, 2008

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Unbelievably,this is the singular of beer!(if spoken by gerry)
Yo conors, d'ya want a beers?

Three beer, two beer, one Beers
by Kunstable August 06, 2007

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A term used to describe eastern european migrant workers in the vicinity of north Armagh. Possibly of Lithuanian,Estonian, but overwhelmingly Polish.
Most Lithos work in Moy Park.

Lithos usually drive bicycles and wear backpacks.
by Kunstable August 06, 2007

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Brilliant,when it all goes your way,sweet.Mainly used in Craigavon.
Yeesh!I got a jackpot from Cash Lab!
by Kunstable December 02, 2006

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