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Blowing on someone's belly so it makes a farty sound.
Man that zoober tickled!
by Kristy January 17, 2005
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ZooBer - Any Lifeform that channels ZooB and acts as a beacon of ZooB or sustains itself through the cultivation of ZooB
Calling someone a 'Crazy ZooBer' refers to their prodigious chanelling of ZooB...

Please see ZooB for more info
Use : " The ZooBer was ZooBing on ZooB " or : "The ZooBer was Feeling pretty ZooBy and ZooBed his way through the day " also : " The Zoober is ZooBed up on ZooB "
by Psionikman July 26, 2010
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Any hair on or around a male's genital area. Originated in Norwell, MA.
Gingers have red zoobers, which is pretty weird.

Sometimes I stick my zoobers up my asshole when I'm bored because I like the way it makes my asshole tingle.

When I get wicked hungry, I eat my zoobers, poop them out, and eat the poop again.
by Animal Porn Fanatic July 27, 2012
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This word is one of the many anomolies in the English language, as it has no set definition. Although rarely used, it has been seen in the form of nouns, adjectives, and even nick-names. The most widespread mentioning of zoober occured in the form of a character named Zeb Zoober in the Disney movie "The Country Bears". The fact that this is "zoober"'s most famous appearance is saddening to most zoober enthusiasts because it is a commonly agreed upon fact that "The Country Bears" is a really shitty movie. When a person or group of people start start using the word zoober, it is usually not because they heard the word elsewhere, but because one of them made some sort of phonetical mistake, causing the word to be accidentally uttered. Only one of these such events has been recorded, and this definition shall present an abridged version (names have been omitted to protect privacy):

Person X was spending the night at person Y's house, and at a certain point X began to watch Y play the SNES game "Super Metroid". In the opening sequence of this game, the player sees his avatar travel to a planet, under which there is a caption entitling the planet "Zebes". Somewhere in X's clouded mind, the sound of "Zebes" metamorphosized into zoober, and without warning X blurted out the newfound word, much to the amusement of Y. Since then, "zoober" has become a common word among X's and Y's group of friends.
1. Dude, that's totally zoober.
2. What the zoober is going on?
3. Excuse me while I zoober on outta here.
by MBorel July 18, 2003
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A booger that moves in and out of your while breathing.
That chick was hot but that zoober in her nose was playing peek a boo
by Halfcajun2 January 11, 2017
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