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(v) To please, or be pleasing.
Many people enjoy sex, drugs, and alcohol.
by Konrad July 28, 2004
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When you slowly pass out from lack of oxygen to the brain.
As i fell alseep all i saw faded to black.
by Konrad August 29, 2003
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A derivation of "Larkin," a 21st century gamer whose name was later dubbed to anyone who had remarkable talent or skill at computer games. Ex: Counter-Strike, Warcraft III. The added ending, "x0r" is simply an abbreviation derived from an ancient "Leet" or "1337" language used by "haxorz" added on to a word to heighten it's coolness. As an internet gaming term, this word has been thoroughly woven into common speech.

1. OMG d00d y0u r0x0r3d that guy you are a larkinx0r!

2. Get off that computer or else you will turn into a larkinx0r!


1. I just g0t 0wn3d by 4 pi13 0f larkinx0rz!
by Konrad September 21, 2003
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The saxaphone, a family of instruments containing the alto saxaphone and others. It is most accuratly defined as a loud car horn that will produce multiple pitches. Some people believe that this family of instruments is capable of playing music, but anyone who has ever heard the terrible instrument will tend to disagree with that.

It is a noun, and often abriviated as the "sax."
Quit honkin' that saxaphone youngster! I was tryin' to get me some sleep!
by Konrad July 28, 2004
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A piece of equipment used to produce music.
Dude, a saxaphone isn't an instrument.
by Konrad July 28, 2004
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1. A mythotical serpent that could bring death with a breath or a glance. Its hissing could drive all other serpents away.

2. Any of the various tropical lizards characterized with a crest on the head, back, tail, and the ability to run on the hind legs.

3. A form of the serpentine, a gunpowder siege engine/canon.

4. Any ATV, Jet ski, or single person vehicle converted to war use and usually equipped with guns.
The basilisk supposovly killed our explorers with a glance.

The basilisk type lizards can run short distances on their hind legs.

The basilisk inflicted heavy damage on the city's walls.

The war basilisks were piloted by skilled soldiers and quickly overcame all of the outer defences.
by Konrad August 21, 2003
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After a 2 year obsession with subaru i have found out a ton about them. First off its a jap. company witch produces the only All symmetrical All Wheel Drive system that subaru is famous for. Subaru is really famous for its rally preformance. The rally subaru impreza wrx sti contains a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine that produces an amazing 300 horsepower with an AWD system as well. Think about it a ferrari spider produces 360 horsepower on a 8 cylinder engine. With even 25 less torque then the subaru. Subaru accelerates faster then most sport cars including the prosche 911 turbo. Also it has been known for insurance costs to be less when a person owns a subaru due to the safety a AWD system gives you. Its famous boxer engine contains the cylinders opposite each other instead of one after the other like in all other cars. Subaru is the best company in the world and the Subaru WRX STI is the best car in the world. You would give me a free mclauren f1 i would sell it and buy a subaru wrx or maybe even a outback witch has more ground clearence then a BMW X5

if you would like to contact me AIM = Subaruwrxh4
The subaru engine is a horizontally opposed 4 cylinder engine witch produces an amazing 300 horsepower on the subaru wrx sti.
by Konrad September 10, 2004
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