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A derivation of "Larkin," a 21st century gamer whose name was later dubbed to anyone who had remarkable talent or skill at computer games. Ex: Counter-Strike, Warcraft III. The added ending, "x0r" is simply an abbreviation derived from an ancient "Leet" or "1337" language used by "haxorz" added on to a word to heighten it's coolness. As an internet gaming term, this word has been thoroughly woven into common speech.

1. OMG d00d y0u r0x0r3d that guy you are a larkinx0r!

2. Get off that computer or else you will turn into a larkinx0r!


1. I just g0t 0wn3d by 4 pi13 0f larkinx0rz!
by Konrad September 21, 2003
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