37 definitions by Klinkhammer

Is what nerds geeks etc.... have labelled October as Techtober the only month where they can geek out about tech
Hey r u going to the Apple Inc Event in Techtober ?
by Klinkhammer January 13, 2019
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The Genius who know is a know it all when it comes to knowing everything about tech

Ask him/her how to program and or repair any time of laptop, program or smartphone

He/She will tell ya!!! What they think is right
Hey Jimmy your a Techxpert Right?
Can u help me fix my laptop ?

Jimmy : Sure and yes I am a techxpert and the problem with ur computer is that it has been hacked

Thanks Jimmy you da Texhxpert
by Klinkhammer April 8, 2018
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A system put in place that helps keep society in place and manages to fuck it up from time to time
Why can’t I park here ??

Cuz this company got a sign that say by the law that you can’t park here !
by Klinkhammer January 15, 2019
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Insurance companies that charge their customers a lot of money to pay for their unfair services including Home,life,Auto(Car),travel and Health and do not give much care about anyone
My scamsurance company is constantly ripping me off bloody scammers
by Klinkhammer January 1, 2019
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All Insurance companies that rip off their clients with unfair rates !!!
My scumsurance company is overcharging me again!!
by Klinkhammer January 18, 2019
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An alternative and cooler word for the slang term stupid and calling someone very dumb
Look u are very STEWUPID!!!!! If your gonna go through with zhis plan
by Klinkhammer January 1, 2019
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That warm golden brown dipping sauce that that you use to dip with your chicken at a cool little restaurant called Swiss Chalet
by Klinkhammer January 11, 2019
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