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A Macbook with No or Barely any ports
Shit my Computer Has No Ports worst mistake ever made by purchasing this Donglebook
by Klinkhammer November 27, 2017

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Is what nerds geeks etc.... have labelled October as Techtober the only month where they can geek out about tech
Hey r u going to the Apple Inc Event in Techtober ?
by Klinkhammer January 13, 2019

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A Pharase that people use to mess with people that means & is short for “LICK MA NUTS”!”
Hey man do u have Lickma?

Lick what ?

Lick ma NUTs
by Klinkhammer October 07, 2018

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A Chinese person whose shy of almost anything and everything!
Hey Man Why Are you always so Shy?

Oh I’m A very Shynese Guy!
by Klinkhammer December 14, 2017

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A Brick shape Gaming Phone Made by Razer
Hey man I just got the Razer Phone it’s a gaming phone for gamers
by Klinkhammer November 22, 2017

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The best way to get features on iOS devices that app doesn’t offer
Hey man I just used jailbreak for my iPhone and I got more apps
by Klinkhammer June 04, 2019

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A person who is wildly obsessing about trends and jumps from new ones every second
What’s up with Heather’s image she’s changed it like 500000 billion times in the last few weeks

Yea she’s a trendiac
by Klinkhammer January 15, 2019

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