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A combination between a bastard, a turd and an asshole.
That bassturd just ate my shit!
by ASSHOLE! July 09, 2004
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mispronounced and misspelled for centuries now. actually spelled bass-turd and it is a derogatory word for someone who you would like to call fish poop.
I can believe you won u bass-turd.
by suikodenfan88 August 06, 2010
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Originally from the word bastard, this new word was coined in order to avoid the connotations of lacking a father, since friends will often come to respect each other's fathers (not always). This version does not lose its negative connotation. It basically means small and insignificant, as in something you are able to let slide. But like the excrement from bass, when too much of it builds up, it gets pretty annoying. Comically used between close friends.
Ah man don't make me listen to this crappy country song again, ya bassturd
by Carlos Saldana April 13, 2004
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qaxtar on totse was the first documented person to use this
"Damn we am teh 133713s7 bassturd's
by painkiller March 18, 2005
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1. A person who is acting like a jerk
2. A large piece of shit that’s shaped like a bass fish
That guy is bassturd for treating u like this you can do better than him

Fuck him he’s a bloody bassturd
by Klinkhammer July 01, 2019
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