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When somebody is trying to start beef unnecessarily and is trying to stir things up. Normally used in arguments to call somebody out
Why are you dickstirring there is really no need
by KlawDabbe July 26, 2019

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Talking BS to get out of a situation every time
I think he's ragging it so he can't go
by KlawDabbe February 16, 2019

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A cocunut is Someone who thinks they are brown/black for example but really they r white for example. They have no characteristics of this ethnicity at all and they are basically white
Rags is really a revision boy who in real life is a cocunut. Cocunut is brown person on outside white person on inside
by KlawDabbe September 04, 2018

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A shortened version of the word that describes someone with a big backside. Also if describes this person would have elite humour and a good beard. But the bunda awwwwww damn it reminds u of 2011 Messi
If she shake her az on the tok, she give it out to the whole block
by KlawDabbe May 19, 2020

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Bunch of players who overrate themselves chat lots of shit but cant back it up. Also Claim they can beat bottle but even they know that's not tru.
Bottle beat PK squad 3-0.
by KlawDabbe October 19, 2019

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Used to describe a team who doesnt know when they are trash and gets dominated on the football pitch. Chat shit but can't back it up and are normally carried by one player. This can be used at any level of football to describe their team like a house which is about to fall down
That team we played on sunday really are a Shite Hause. How bad were they
by KlawDabbe July 26, 2019

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To describe normally a great keeper and has lots of theatrics when he is in goal. The Manuel Neuer of school football
This guy is a Keeling. Top level keeper
by KlawDabbe July 26, 2019

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