26 definitions by Kiwi

this is where you take your penis and roll it into a ball and tighten it up with a rubberband until it bursts like an ultimate orgasm.
Girl: You wanna fuck?
Guy: No, i just pulled off the move penis ball!!!
by Kiwi May 07, 2004
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The way to say " pussy " in girlie terms cause it sounds gross.
Her cameltoe is so bad I can see her Poossay.
by Kiwi April 26, 2004
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Violinist for pop-punk band Yellowcard. He gives a great onstage performance, with flipping, singing, and playing. He was never in a rock band before YC, but he was in the orchestra, and damn proud of it. He is also the Gigglemaster
Sean Mackin is a damn good violinist, and giggles when hyper. Yes, he giggles.
by Kiwi June 25, 2004
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1. a mix of elevation and altitude, found in the mountains
The altivation made Chrissy sick when her family took a trip to the mountains.
by Kiwi December 05, 2004
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fanny floss. should only be worn on women with ASS. *see picture above*
That g string is the reason why flat ass and thongs do NOT go together
by Kiwi February 14, 2005
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