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Very agitated and over-stimulated. A person "pinning badly" is nearly having a nervous breakdown. Causes are drugs or a recent extremely stressful event. Major symptom are rapid speech, often with quick series of logic jumps. Minor symptoms include wide-open eyes, with darting eye movements.
You need to relax; you're pinning bad.
by Kingdragonfly June 27, 2015

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A really old term, going back to 1890, about a sexualized dance performed by carnival side-shows.

A hoochie coocher was a hoocie coochie dancer. She is also called a shimmy dancer. A hoochoe coochie man either runs a show or is a drag queen performer.
The phrase has made famous by various blues, jazz and rock performers. These include Elvis Presley's "Saved", Cab Calloway "Minnie the Moocher", Muddy Waters' "Hoochie Coochie Man".

Believe it or note, there's a 1929 Mickie Mouse cartoon called "the Karnival Kid" where Mickey, a carnival worker, is attracted to Minnie, a hoochie coochie dancer.

Hoochie can be spelled hootchy, hootchey, hootchie, hoochy or hoochey.

Coochie can be spelled kootchy, kootchey, kootchie, koochy, koochey, cootchy, cootchey, cootchie, coochy, coochey.
"Let me tell you about Minnie the moocher, she was a red hot hoochie coocher." "He's gonna make pretty women's
Jump and shout

Then the world gonna know
What this all about

Don't you know I'm here

Everybody knows I'm here

Well, you know I'm the hoochie coochie man "
by Kingdragonfly October 26, 2017

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Most likely if it's "406" on tshirt, it means a telephone area code, so person is from Montana.

Less likely, and somewhat dated, it's from Zombieland, a 2009 American post-apocalyptic horror comedy film. The main actor lives in an apartment complex, and has a crush on a woman in apartment 406. She turns into a zombie, and his first encounter with a zombie. He eventually killed her with the lid the tank of his toilet.

Very unlikely it's "406" the error code returned by an Internet server meaning Not Acceptable.
Why is that guy wearing a tshir with "406?"

He's probably a "lamb licker" from Montana
by Kingdragonfly August 08, 2018

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An insult coined by democratic candidate Michael Bloomberg in a series of tweet exchanges between himself and President Donald Trump in 2020. Both are from New York.

Michael combines two insults. A carnival barker is an employee in cheap showy clothes, "barks" (yells) to attract patrons. He is usually position in a stand in front of decrepit attractions, such as freak shows and erotic dance shows.

"Clown" is just added as a typical New York put-down.

- we know many of the same people in NY. Behind your back they laugh at you & call you a carnival barking clown. They know you inherited a fortune & squandered it with stupid deals and incompetence.

I have the record & the resources to defeat you. And I will.
by Kingdragonfly February 14, 2020

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"Hip pocketed" means keeping anything around for easy access.

A technician may keep a Swiss Army knife in their hip pocket, just in case.

It does imply the person carrying the thing has complete control of it, so if someone's in you hip pocket, it means they are in complete control of another person.

It's become popular in Hollywood for an agent to "hip pocket" an aspiring actor or writer.

The talent may say an agent is "hip pocketing" them. It's not the best or optimal professional relation, but as they say "something is better than nothing."

A producer sends a script to an agent, if the agent doesn't have a client that fits the role, he may give a "hip pocketed" actor the script, and a verbal guarantee that the script was authorized by the producer.

For a writer, it is reversed. You informally give an agents scripts. If a producer asks for a particular idea, the agent may give the producer the writer's script.

If the actor gets the role or the writer sells his script, they sign paperwork and become a client. If not, the agent may continue "hip pocketing" you, sticking to verbal agreements only.
It sucks to live in LA. I'm 30 years old, and agents keep hip pocketing me.
by Kingdragonfly June 21, 2019

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A very mild euphemism similar to "Tarnation!" (Damnation!) or "Dagnab it!" (God damn it!)

Yosemite Sam, of Warner Brother Cartoons, would mispronounce it as "Josephat", ignoring the "sh". It was to indicate his lack of formal education.

See "Jumping Jehoshaphat"
From the 1966 Batman film. Robin :"Jumping Jehoshaphat Batman!"

From McHale's Navy: Lieutenant Commander McHale: "Great jumping Jehoshaphat!"

Yosemite Sam (mispronounced): "Jumping Josephat!"
by Kingdragonfly February 05, 2017

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From drug-scene.co.nz

Methamphetamine is commonly sold in standard weights known as "points", "grams" and "ounces". Points are also known as "Dots", "P's" or "Spot bags". Point bags are small plastic bags that measure approximately 2.5cm x 3.5cm. They come in a wide range of patterns.
The police searched me and found the point bags.
by Kingdragonfly July 23, 2015

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