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Usually the weird people in the hallways who dye their hair black and all crowd up in the hall hugging each other, they usually swear, and get in loads of trouble.
All the emos won't stop wearing those darn thrasher and vans hoodies. Do they even skate?
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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"Furry" is a mindset which can be classified as the form of idolizing animals (typically mammals) and treating them the same way a "Stan" would. Furries can either take pride in their stereotype, or deny the fact that the stereotype applies to them. Or perhaps an awareness on this stereotype which does not haunt them in a good way. Furries can either experience "zoophelia" which is being sexually attracted to animals, or they might just enjoy drawing their favorite animals and might even create characters for them (also known as their "fursonas" which is a synonym for "fake persona" or "multiple personalities"which is caused by mental illnesses such as schizophrenia.) for full understanding on idolization see stereotypes "Weeb" and "Stan"
That stupid furry needs to stop larping for once.
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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A starch is someone that has not yet been assigned a classification. They either are so unique that you cannot possibly classify them, or you just have not figured out a classification for them yet. In summary this stereotype is the same as ramen, but without the "good" part in it.
I have no way to categorize him. For now, he is a starch.
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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Kind of like a Weeb but instead of Anime it is video games. Usually known as "geeks" but in this day and age that typically means just a cool overweight guy who likes board games. But anyway, a console licker is literally obsessed with video games where to the point where they participate in zero sports and are usually very annoying. And it also dictates their physical and mental health. And spiritual health if that applies because they skip church too GAME.
Yeah, Porter skipped church again. He also skipped school. And I can see he is online through the Xbox app. What a console licker.
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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This stereotype is so complex it needs a checklist so here we go.
•Shops at Walmart typically
•trashy and wears Stealers pajama pants and oversized T-shirt to Walmart and yells at her unvaccinated monsters of children
•flat earther
blonde hair and fat and always wants to complain about the employees (wants to talk to the manager)
she took the kids and is divorced
•goes to ALL her kids soccer games
kids dying constantly due to not being vaxxed

•if it's a wacky belief then she bandwagons on for attention
I saw Karen at the KFC. She would not stop screaming at that kid!
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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Someone who wants to be a certain stereotype but can't achieve it.
He is a fake boomer. He just wants to mow his lawn but is just so lazy.
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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Think collectively, and are usually dumb, and think depression is cool.
I saw some basics in the halls today. Their conversations are hilariously stupid.
by Kingdom Miracle November 30, 2020
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